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Mad Burger 3 Mad Burger 3

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Mad Burger 3 Game


MAD BURGER 3 is a game that allows you to learn how to cook hamburgers in the Wild West.
You not only need to buy products, learn and try new recipes and cook delicious hamburgers. But also to launch a hamburger as far as possible, as he will fly a great distance before you catch him!
The task is not easy, but with a lot of effort all will succeed!
It is important to be very careful not to fall into the hands of bandits and hungry residents!


You need to collect as much money as possible to launch your burger far and wide and move on to the next round. Try to give it as much energy as possible in the beginning to make your burger fly high, use sauce to make it fly harder.
Do you think you can pull it off and show a new height each time? Find out now and have a lot of fun playing Mad Burger 3! Controls: Mouse

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