Pizza Maker Cooking And Baking Games For Kids

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Pizza Maker Cooking And Baking Games For Kids Pizza Maker Cooking And Baking Games For Kids

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3.7/5 - (3 votes)
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Pizza Maker Cooking And Baking For Kids Game


Pizza Maker Cooking And Baking Games For Kids is a virtual pizza making game for kids. With the help of this game your child can feel like real pizzeria workers.
Cooking pizza – is a very exciting process. Games from the section “Pizza Maker” will introduce your young chef to the world of cooking, baking and pizza-making. This game allows you to do everything that makes a chef in real life:
Add ingredients for dough and roll it out, cut vegetables and make sauce, add different toppings and bake pizza in the oven. The game is designed for children of kindergarten and school age. The most important thing is that in this game, the child can do everything himself without the help of adults. Pazu Games Ltd, publisher of popular children’s games such as Girls Hair Salon, Girls Makeup Salon, Animal Doctor and others trusted by millions of parents around the world, bring you pizza games.
Pazu games for kids are specially designed for kids up to 10 years old. Game themes are different. Fun and educational games allow girls and boys to play and gain knowledge and fun. In the game “Pizza Maker” can not only cook, bake and slice pizza. You can create your own pizza. Unleash your creativity – choose from a huge selection of ingredients and create the kind of pizza you like. When the pizza looks the way you want, it’s time to bake it. Put it in the oven and watch as the crust browns, the cheese melts, and all the other ingredients are perfected. When the pizza is ready, place it on a plate and eat it. Delicious! And you can take on the pizza ninja challenge, or play a mini slice puzzle game.


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