Sweet Donut Maker Bakery

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Sweet Donut Maker Bakery Sweet Donut Maker Bakery

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Sweet Donut Maker Bakery Game


SWEET DONUT MAKER BAKERY is the sweetest donut store in the app store!
Try making sweet donuts yourself to enjoy baking and cooking in the kitchen and become the best donut master. While making doughnuts, you will have to buy ingredients for doughnuts in the supermarket.


Earn coins by running your bakery! Participate in a baking contest and vote for your favorite sweets! Tons of adorable and fun customers to serve, and they’ll tell you exactly what they want! Lots of doughnut-making contraptions – make rolled doughnuts, mini doughnuts, filled doughnuts, and more! Make ice cream, milkshakes, and serve coffee! Clean the bakery with a broom and towel! Fix the machines in the bakery when they break down!


Start your own donut store! Using professional baking tools, make, fry and decorate delicious donuts and serve hungry customers! Participate in Master Cook, the world’s best baking contest, win amazing awards and become a world-famous baker!

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